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Hi -
I want to replace my laptop's (dell vostro 3700) current, CPU i7 Q720 1.6 GHz, with i7 2800 or 2900 series mobile processor. is this possible?

dell website says that it has Mobile Intel® HM57 Express Chipset.

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  1. No, the i7 2xxx chips are Socket G2, your laptop is a Socket G1
  2. thanks. really appreiate it.

    I researched little bit more, and intel website said that HM57 can also take i7 Q940 XM. knowing that laptop is about 2 years old now, and price of the processor is about $350 on ebay, is it worthwhile in your opinion to upgrade the CPU to the extreme processor lineup? for gaming/development, is it a worthwhile investment? is there noticeable increase in the performance?
  3. not worth it and a real challenge anyway!
  4. There will be a noticeable increase in raw performance, but i'm not sure it justifies the cost and difficulty of changing it out.
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