Two thoughts ... the forum and system builds ...

First point ... the site and forums are awesome, so much information available!!!

Trying to build a PC has me in the Systems forum and I see two things ... (1) there are so many posts it is hard to follow and get answers and (2) there are a lot of "why doesn't my new build work" posts. Maybe seperating the two topics would help?

Second observation ... it seems like so many of the posts ask the same sort of question ... like "what should I do for $700?" or "can I build a budget gamer for $1200?".

So what if Tom's did a build for about as cheap as possible on an Intel CPU (say $400 total) and then described what the best improvements would be for more money and why. This would be an awesome way to help people actually understand how to make good choices. Instead of lots and lots of benchmarking pick just a couple (say one general productivity and two game benchmarks) and run it for different combinations of parts.

Start with a mobo and a Celeron G540 ... then add a series of GPUs up to the point the CPU is an issue. Then up the CPU and repeat ... until the total build makes no sense.

In a follow-up series repeat with a better/higher starting point.
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  1. The two topics are actually separated.... or at least partly. There is a "homebuilt" section for PCs already assembled, and a "new build" section.

    As for the first point I don't understand. All of your posts should have a blue flag when someone has replied to them, and in the right hand column you have tools to track your posts.

    There will always be lots of build questions, because building your own computer is a customized experience.

    That's why we have this post

    So that we can see all the variables before advising someone.

    Additionally, prices change almost daily. A price drop or sale or promotion can completely change what is available to someone at a certain budget.

    So, we have volunteers such as myself that hand out advice. We get a feel for what can be done at a certain price point, because we spend a lot of time looking and helping. There is no substitute for that, no way to create a shortcut.

    The forums are not the same as the main website. "Tom's" already creates the SBM,3219.html
    which is more than anyone else does. What you are describing would be a lot of work.

    Tecmo used to do this:
    But that's a lot of work and he has other priorities now.
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