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Random blue screen crashes on new system win 7

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May 23, 2012 7:30:16 PM


I thought I would ask the community, as I am getting an issue I have never come across before in building 50+ gaming systems, and definitely need a little help.

First the specs:

corsair memory vengenge 4g x2 matched pair (in dual channel configuration)

seagate barracuda green st1500dl003 1.5TB (secondary drive)

Seagate 300G model ST3320620NS (older secondary drive)

ssd: ocz agility 3, updated to firmware 2.22 (main HD, win 7 is installed on this, using a 6 GB Sata cable and port. )

Mobo: asus p8z77-v pro, updated to latest firmware

Vid card: Asus nvidia Geforce 460 gtx (latest geforce drivers loaded part is about a year old)

Proc: Intel I5-2500 (yes I know, not the k model, running standard clock, heat is no more than 48c under FULL load)

Power Supply: Is a Corsair 750w (older power supply from old system 5 months old)

O/S: Win 7 Ultimate SP 1 (all relevant updates done, all the latest drivers from Asus loaded)

case is well ventilated, the video card does not overheat, and it worked on a previous system flawlessly.

Now for the issue:

It will very randomly get a bluescreen, and initiate a minidump, then quickly reset the system. The specific error is ALWAYS the same, and it is:

bug check code is 0x000000f4

Essentially: ntoskrnl.exe is the "cause" it looses connection and then the system simply crashes. This can be going on when it is in a completely idle state, or it can happen under full load. It can happen 3 minutes into boot, or it can go 3 days, and not see the issue. The system is mostly new (except for the older parts I mentioned) The most recent games it has played is Diablo III, and Guild Wars II (Beta) and it runs those games fine except when the crash suddenly and randomly occurs bringing down the system.

Windows loaded with almost no issues, and sfc /scannow claims it is a completely working install. (I DID do a minor screwup in that I forgot I loaded windows with a USB DVD drive, so when I updated the usb drivers with the mobo DVD, it disconnected, and the system crashed, but I then loaded those drivers properly from online, but always wondered if that screwed something up)

memtest 86 produced 0 errors with 2 complete passes, prime95 ran through 10 tests before i turned it off, but the FIRST time one of the workers did fail instantly, but once the program was restarted, it ran normally.

The only 2 things I can think of that I have not tried is

1. Completely reinstalling windows 7 but I can't believe that would be the cause of this, but then again, I'm not certain, so here I am asking.

2. Downgrading the SSD drive firmware to 2.09 instead of 2.22 as supposedly 2.09 is more stable. Also, I have not worked with SSD's much, I typically install gaming systems these days with spinning platter drives, and this is the first SSD I have worked directly with. If I had to guess, at a most likely culprit, I would say the SSD would be it.

Lastly, if needed, I do have a copy of the windows minidump file is that is relevant, I've already looked through it however, and the error I gave is essentially the most pertinent information. If someone wants to look at it however, I certainly can provide it.

Anyways, any assistance would be appreciated, though the system does, and "can" run for a somewhat extended period of time, sometimes it can crash every 20 minutes even at idle, thus making it unreliable, and I am forced to switch off to a different system.

Let me know, thanks!
May 23, 2012 8:19:46 PM

make sure you have bios 0906. there some updates for ram for the mb. if the ram is on the mb qal list i would use cpu-z and look at the spd info. some mb dont set the speed and voltage right of the ram. i see what the speed the ram is running and it voltage. also take one dimm out and run memtest for a few hours then swap the dimms. one of the dimms may be bad.
May 24, 2012 4:36:10 PM

Thanks Smorizio, but it seems in spec, so bumping this to see if anyone else has a suggestion!
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May 24, 2012 5:25:44 PM

Re-install the OS, when you get a BSOD during Windows install, NO GOOD.
May 24, 2012 5:38:33 PM

Well, it wasn't necessarily a crash during install, but it happened when installing some of the USB drivers which I guess is technically part of the chipset.. and the system file integrity checked "claims" everything is alright, you still think I should reinstall the o/s?
June 11, 2012 1:19:37 PM

It's been a while, but I want to throw this thread back to the top, it's been 2-3 weeks, and I want to see if there is a new batch of folk who have an opinion on this. I swapped this for another machine of equal caliber, since I want to diagnose it, but have not had any further luck.

Anyone else have any ideas about the issue summed up in the OP?