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Sleep Mode Problem

Hi All,

I recently put together a new build and it's been working great, the only glaring problem I have is that when the computer goes into sleep mode, it won't turn back on. Specifically, in sleep mode it goes quiet, when I click mouse/press a key then the fans start up, sounds as if it's working, but the display remains completely black, and mouse laser doesn't turn on.

My system is:
- Intel i5-2500K overclocked to 4.2GHz (via motherboard overclocking utility)
- ASrock Z68 Extreme4 Motherboard
- Corsair Force 3 60gb ssd
- Asus GTX 570
- Corsair TX M600 power supply
- Corsair Carbide series 400r case (if it makes a difference?)

Has anyone come across a problem like this before? If so I'd really appreciate any advice on what I can do.

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  1. This is one I've never heard. Nice rig.
    Are all the peripherals connected directly to the mobo? I'm almost afraid to ask, but is the monitor connected to the graphics card or the mobo?

    Try taking out the GPU and testing with HD 2000 graphics.
  2. This is kinda a similar to my Asus SaberTooth X58, Just dont put it in sleep mode since you have a SSD OR you can try hibernate which mines work great with it...
  3. Sleep works fine on SSDs, including my Force GT. Hibernate is also fine, but it'll eat up a solid third of your precious SSD space.
  4. kajabla said:
    Sleep works fine on SSDs, including my Force GT. Hibernate is also fine, but it'll eat up a solid third of your precious SSD space.

    Thanks for the answers guys, appreciate the compliment about the rig kajabla :)

    My peripherals are all connected to the Motherboard, and monitor to the GPU. Haven't tried connecting directly to the motherboard. But I mean, if means giving up GPU graphics for the ability to sleep, then I'd go without the sleep mode anytime.

    It could also be a problem with the SSD? Mine is actually quite full, only about 9/60gigs open. I'll be getting a standard HD once the prices drop a bit more. I bought only the SSD because I didn't think I'd be packing it too full too quickly... guess stuff adds up.
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    This sounds like a GPU/mobo issue to me. Power states—sleep, hibernate, shutdown—should transition without input from the system drive. When I wake my computer, the mouse laser turns on before the hard drive spins up, even when I'm booting from the mechanical drive.
    1. no GPU
    2. unplugging and replugging the mouse
    3. a different monitor
    I've had it once before, actually. My keyboard lights stayed off. My mouse sensor is infrared, so I couldn't tell if it was on (the decorative light was on, though), but no monitor signal.
    I would go through my own steps, but it rarely happens for me. This was the second time ever. If you can't reproduce a problem, it's hard to diagnose, but yours happens every time, yes?
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  8. ...progress?
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