New Computer Installation Error - Sparks and something fried

Sorry if this is not the right category to post this in, not sure which on to choose.

I recently bought a pre-made Acer computer with an NVIDIA graphics card to play on. When it came in, it worked fine, and then we had to replace the power supply in order to install the new graphics card.

Once we installed the new power supply and graphics card, the PC would not turn on. We found the error, fixed it, and then when we plugged it in and powered on, a blue spark arced out. At first we thought we fried the whole system, but the PC now turns on. However, we now get a BIOS error that reads "Error: No boot disk has been detected or boot disk has failed."

This leads me to believe that it is the hard drive that fried, but if we replace this hard drive with a new one, what are the chances of more things being fried?

I know you won't be able to exactly pinpoint the error, but is there a chance that the motherboard is fried if it's still powering on, etc? We have not tried the video card, but it is under warantee if anything.

The computer and card that I purchased were:

Thanks so much for any help in advance, and please, any advice is welcome. This is my friend's first PC and is a rough start to the computer industry lol.
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  1. if you have another pc near by you can plug the hard drive in and see if it spin up if there no burn marks on it. an easy way to test to see if the hard drive fried is put your hand on the drive itself. you should feel it spin with your hands if you can i would power the system down and see if you can see if anything is melted on the drive. as you go a spark and smoke take a look at all the power supply cables make sure none of them are cut or pinched. the issue i see is what poped the hard drive from a short or did the power supply have a bad cap and it going to fry anything that plugged into it.
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