DVI problem...can't find a solution anywhere

Okay, so long winded post incoming. I've been Googling this problem like mad and I'm getting nowhere.

I have a 32 inch HDTV and 24 inch monitor that I use as a dual display for my screen; the HDTV is connected via HDMI and the monitor via DVI. I've had this set up for quite a while up to about 2 months ago when my computer stopped detecting my monitor, but it displays all of the boot up screens on the monitor. In fact it detects the monitor just fine up until Windows is fully booted.

I recently bought a 560 GTX to replace the 9600GT in hopes that would alleviate the problem, but it was the exact same issue. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers, as well as uninstalling and reinstalling in safe mode. Interestingly, it detects the monitor just fine when the computer is in safe mode as well as when the drivers are uninstalled.

I don't understand what to do next. I have not tried a different cable yet; one because the monitor seems like it actually works, and two because I haven't went to purchase another one. I'm running this all on a Gigabyte GA-MA770-UD3 motherboard, which is more than up to running dual displays.

Any suggestions? I'm hoping I don't need to reformat and reinstall Windows because that's kind of a pain, but I feel like that will be the next best step.
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  1. Check your settings and monitor selection in properties for display!
  2. Well, there are no settings I can choose from because it's not even detecting the monitor...
  3. What about the TV?
  4. If you have a spare drive, reload windows on the spare drive and see if that fixes your problem. Try reloading all of the basic driver software for your motherboard or from your PC Vendor. I had the same problem with my Dell laptop after I disabled some of the services and startup *.exe's that loaded on boot.
  5. Just got the chance to reinstall Windows on my computer. Completely fresh install, yet still having the same issue. I confirmed that the monitor works as it detects my Xbox 360 perfectly fine.

    Granted, my 360 is VGA. I guess my next thing is to try a completely new DVI cord, but I still can't imagine it's necessary to do that if the computer detects the monitor just fine when the drivers aren't installed. :/ So frustrating.

    Any other suggestions besides this?
  6. This exact issue happened to me. I would get a total black screen right after the Windows loading screen, although I still had sound. Safe mode worked, and I could uninstall the drivers, and then rebooting worked into normal Windows, and then I could reinstall the drivers. The problem is the next reboot, black screen.

    For me, a fresh Windows install did fix it.
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