Best case to get?

What would be the best pc chassis case to get to fit a msi 990fx gd80 mobo with ocz 750w psu also would want fans with this so what kind to go for on a budget of £35 maximum also want an easy install case

Is a artic f9tc a good fan for back of case bit?
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  1. The Cooler Master Elite 430 is about the cheapest it gets for acceptable cases.
  2. Im now thinking of going for a coolermaster nvidia case which is like £85 quite above my budget haha but looks sick
  3. The CM 690s, of which the Nvidia case is one, are good cases, yes. I didn't suggest stuff so expensive, though, because you said your budget was low.

    There are plenty of awesome cases around if you are willing to pay 85 GBP.
  4. 60 would get you a decent case.
  5. You can get a CM scout for around £60. The scout is pretty good, bit on the big side. If you want a good airflow case and you don't mind it looking as ugly as hell, get the NZXT hades. The corsair 300r is also a pretty good budget case - great cable management and good build quality - looks pretty sharp to.
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