AMD 7970 on G1 Assassin 2 problem

Is it possible to fit a AMD 7970 Sapphire on a Gigabyte G1 Assassin 2 PCIEX16_1?
I can only fit it on PCIEX8 and if I try to fit it in one of the PCIEX16, it feels like its stuck and I don't want to force it in for fear of breaking something. I was getting a "No Signal" on the PCIEX8 on my AMD 7970. I dont have another video card to test if its the motherboard itself. I bought my computer from CyberPowerPC. Please help.
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  1. It should fit fine it is a std connector!
  2. rolli59 said:
    It should fit fine it is a std connector!

    I did that, but it still gives me a "No signal" on my monitor. Do I need to request a RMA?
  3. If you uninstalled the other card properly and hooked up the power from the PSU to the card correctly then it looks like RMA is in order.
  4. I doubt if the card is faulty, and it's weird that that 2 PCIE x16 slots are blocking the card as the X8 is in the same line.

    No signal could be mostly a problem of RAM, check each ram in different slots and check these tips.
  5. I forgot to mention this but when I first recieved my computer from CyberPowerPC with my 1st AMD 7970, it booted up fine. But then on the screen there were a lot of pixel squares and artifacting and then the "display driver for AMD 7970 has crashed" or something like that. After I turned it off and retried again, it stopped crashing and I can play games fine. But after 2 days had passed, it became more frequent and unplayable. I called Cyberpowerpc and they said I should reseat the AMD 7970 but that didn't help. Then I returned the AMD 7970 and when I got another 7970 back that was supposedly "fixed", it didn't reach the boot screen and I heard no Windows sounds booting up. Thats right now.

    Thats my story. Any suggestions? Request a return on my purchase of the computer? Or return the AMD 7970 AGAIN and hope that 3rd times the charm? 30 bucks to ship the card back to CPP, geezus...
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