New Build, 4 post beeps, no bios screen

Working on my first computer build. It is not reaching the BIOS screen, and i am getting 4 post beeps. I have looked around for a beep code for this motherboard, but i am not finding it.

Motherboard is
Video Card
and Memory

I have tried running it with just two sticks of Ram in the correct channels. But if anyone could at least point me in the right direction i would be grateful.
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  1. Also forgot to mention, no power to the LEDs in the mouse or keyboard, but computers fans/leds work
  2. I've seen something similar about this where they ask them to remove the RAM and try a boot up to see if anything changes. (i currently have this same beep problem, except my system was working for months)

    I noticed the date this was posted as i submited, but if anyone else comes across this with a solution, perhaps post it here or message me; as i am having the same post-beeps
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