Best computer prebuilt for RPGs

Looking to buy a new computer. In the past have bought Dells which have worked great.
I plan on using it for playing RPGs, like Skryim which is the latest. Also would want to play older RPGs like Baldur's Gate.

I heard Cyberpower makes some great prebuilt PCs.

I would also use the computer to make multi-media slide shows.

I know Alienware makes some good PCs as well, but I dont want to buy "too much" computer I will never use.

Any help appreciated
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  1. how much are you looking to spend. We can link you some stuff that would run RPG's great.

    Also, why not build one?
  2. I can spend between 2-3K I think. I should note that the RPGs I play are no online in case that makes a difference.

    Why not built one? Time, Convience, and Prebuilt has a tested config with all compatible parts, etc along with warranty if anything goes wrong.

    Sorry. Forgot to add that in the past, when I bought Dell, there were the forums where other people had same computer, so easier to research/fix issues, webite for driver updates, software updates etc.
  3. 2-3k for a computer is a lot of computer.

    Without monitor I would go for this one and add dual cards.
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