GTX 560ti 448 SLI or the new GTX 680

So I was wondering what I should buy. I have the money for both options here. So in my computer now I currently run a GTX 560ti 448 cores gpu and I'm considering an upgrade. I could go for the cheaper option and buy another 448 cores gpu or I could buy the brand new gtx 680. also If I were to get another gtx 560ti 448 cores gpu would a 650watt psu be enough power? Anyways idk if I would get better price to performance from the SLI setup(GTX 560 ti 448) or a single GTX 680 gpu. Any thoughts. I play on a 23" monitor at 1920x1080 resolution. I also run an i5 2500k at 4.5ghz.
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  1. The GTX680 is what I would do and sell the current GTX560Ti 448core!
  2. no one will be able to judge this until after kepler is launched.

    BUT- My recent experiance (2nd card is barely used) with CFX would make me heavily lean towards a single powerful card instead of 2 medium ones
  3. Well the GTX680 benchmarks are already out. It was released today.
  4. The 680 would be the better choice because of the new features that Nvidia has added to the card , a single 680 will run four montors and the performance is better than the AMD 7970 so by getting one now and selling the 448 core you can add another 680 later or you may be happy with just the one 680. If you eventually upgrade your motherboard then by having the 680 you can also take advantage of the Pci-e 3.0.
  5. hmm yea the 680 looks very good and the features are awesome. I also already have an 1155 socket gen 3 mobo so I have pcie 3.0 just don't have an ivy bridge cpu lol
  6. 680 has 640 more cores than even 2x560Ti-448 cards. I'd be tempted to hold out for a 680 as it runs cooler than 2x560Ti's and is a single card. Read the review here in Tom's. 650W PSU will run a pair of 560Ti-448's fine.
    jjack...Kepler 680 IS launched and reviewed here in Tom's. As for CFX, Radeon cards are crossfired, Nvidia cards are SLI'ed. How do you figure 2nd card is barely used? I run 2 cards in SLI and according to my Afterburner charts both GPU's are used at the same rate.
  7. okay tysm! I'll be sure to check out the review.
  8. Ivy Bridge is due to be released next month and for not much money you could do an upgrade to that new cpu.
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