First PC build - gaming rig, no oc - $1,000~ budget

I'm looking to build for the first time, and an looking to construct a machine simply for gaming, Web browsing, and media applications. I don't edit or create anything... I'm primarily only seeking to destroy (demons in Diablo III) with this technological terror. I'm not looking for the most incredible cell-shaded experience in history, but I want to be able to crank the graphics up a bit on games like D-III, SWTOR, SCII, Civ-V and WoW. I only use 1 monitor.

For my first go-around, I don't desire to go the "oc" route. Here's what I have so far: (I placed the anticipated price next to each component)

I'm looking to keep the total build under $1,000, but I'm not tied to that.

Intel Core i5 (locked) ($210)

ASRock H77/Pro4 board ($100)

2x 4gig 1600 DDR RAM ($50)

Radeon HD 7850 GPU ($250)

60gig SSD boot drive ($75)/500gig storage HDD (reusing an 18-month old drive)

Corsair 650w modular PSU ($90)

Blu-Ray burner ($75)

I have no idea what kind of case to use... (under $150)

So, here are my questions:
Since I'm not overclocking, can I get away with a relatively simple board?
It seems to me that most parts are compatible these days - do you see any issues here that I'm missing?
Do you see any potential bottlenecking issues?
I'm looking for an aesthetically pleasing case... simple, dark, with maybe subtle LED lighting. Any suggestions for a good air cool case?
Caveat to the last question: can I get away with air cooling?

Any other suggestions or help you can offer would be very valuable to me...

Thanks in advance for your help!
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  1. To answer your question, yes, any 1155 socket motherboard will do.
    I suggest you look at the 2500K.
    You do not have to overclock, but it costs so little to preserve the option to go from the stock 3.3 to 4.0 and higher conservatively.
    If you are near a microcenter, you can buy a 2500K for $170.
    Pair it with any Z77 motherboard and you will preserve your oc option.

    Without links to specific products, it still looks good.

    For a good case, you can hardly go wrong with the Antec 300 illusion model.

    Air cooling is fine; even the stock Intel cooler is ok.
    I suggest the cm hiper212 $20

    It will be cooler and quieter than stock.
    It will be easier to mount than the stock intel pushpins for a novice.

    For a first time builder, I suggest you download and read, cover to cover, the motherboard and case manuals.
  2. Ace suggestion on going to Micro Center... here's what I found there today:

    Intel Core i5 3770K for $190
    and with the purchase of any CPU, they have a current sale for $50 off any mobo, so...
    ASRock Z77 Pro 4 for $70
    $285 after tax... I'll consider that a steal for my needs. It was a $20 jump to go to a third-gen i5, so I feel that was worthwhile considering I'm starting from the ground up.

    That leaves me with ~$700 and change for the rest of my build... Here's what I'm planning to purchase in the very near future:
    Gigabyte Radeon HD 7850 GPU: $265 -

    Corsair HX650W Power Supply: $105 -

    Crucial 64GB SSD: $90 -

    Corsair 400R Mid Tower: $70 -

    $50 for 8GB RAM - maybe Corsair or Patriot... it all seems similar enough these days.
    $75 for a Blu-Ray player/burner - probably LG/Samsung/Sony... again, they all seem similar.

    ...which puts me at $655 for those parts + $285 for what I have in hand = $940 before additional shipping/tax.

    Seeing a lot of these components in person helped quite a bit - thanks for the suggestions, and any additional help/input that may be forthcoming!
  3. Looks good.
    On cases, check on the charge for shipping as well as the price. Cases are heavy, and shipping can add $30 to the cost.
  4. Thanks for the help - got everything together last week and built it over the holiday weekend - here's what I ended up with:

    i5 3570K - $190 (Sale)
    ASRock Z77 Pro 4 - $ 70 (Sale)
    Gigabyte Radeon 7870 - $350 (Sale)
    LG Blu-Ray Burner - $75
    Crucial 2x 4GB RAM - $40 (sale)
    Crucial 64GB SSD Boot Drive - $80
    Seagate 1TB HDD Storage Drive - $95
    Corsair 400R Carbide Case - $90
    Corsair GS600 PSU - $90

    Total: $1,080

    I broke the budget a little bit, mostly by going for the bigger video card, but Micro Center's Memorial Day sales allowed me to get a lot of bang for the buck.

    Thanks for the response, gefelt, and thanks to everyone who posts helpful information that I've been reading throughout the process!
  5. Good job!
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