New build wont start with sys fan

I think this is the right place for this question.
I just received my parts today and I finished my build. After i hooked everything up I tried to boot it up and it failed. So I thought it was a bad psu so I took it out and decided to give it another go outside the case and it started up perfect and even got my one beep.

Now the problem is when I connect the psu to the sys fan connectors. It wont boot up correctly. Any suggestions ?

My motherboard

Psu is 450watt. I am not running a graphics card just the dvd drive and hardrive.
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  1. Tell us what PSU you have and the voltages listed on the side (12 V etc..)
  2. Thanks for the quick response I actually figured out the problem. Posted to hastly. All the fans and pwers is on now. I guess I did not have to plug in the sys fan since I do not have a control gauge.
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