Antec Three Hundred vs. Antec Three Hundred Two

Hey Guys. It has been 5 years and I decided it was time to build a new machine. I have been reading about cases, and I am trying to decide between the Antec Three Hundred or the Antec Three Hundred Two. After rebates the Three Hundred is $40 versus $70 for the Three Hundred Two. I don't mind paying the extra money, if it will future proof my machine. Do you guys think the benefits of the Three Hundred Two are worth the extra cost?

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  1. cases don't really "future proof" a machine. you buy a case for what you want($ of fans, # of HD brackets, cable management, Air Circulation etc) regardless, mobos will likely stay atx sized so a case can last a long time.
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  2. I have not used the 302 yet, but did actually like the older 300 for the price.

    The 302 does add a nicer hard drive mounting system(the same one used in the Sonata line as well as many cases now days), usb3 on the front as well as some other enhancements like a filtered intake for the power supply on the bottom and a SSD mounting spot on the backside of the MB tray(also water cooling tube outlets on the top and a rear side fan holder/vent).

    If those seem like features you will like, then go for it, In general, for the price the 300 was a very good case in my books.

    The 302 also seems to lack the 2 120mm intake fan locations on the front(reviews show it that way), but i never used those anyway.
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  3. If you're gaming, using a large GPU and don't like to screw the hard drives into place, then the Three Hundred Two would be the option. On the other hand, I don't know how secure and quiet the hard drives would be in the screwless system. I have built sveral with the Three Hundred and you can have 5 120MM fans if you want. I haven't found heat to be an issue.

    Hope this helps.
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  4. Any decent case will last you forEVER if you want. The only significant difference I see between the two is the USB 3.0 ports in front and watercooling outlets if you use them - if that's worth $30 to you, then go for it.

    Things like the screwless hard drive mounting system and SSD bay are pretty much non-issues if you ask me. You install those things once and it's not very difficult to do the traditional way, so ... meh.

    In my opinion, the 300 is/was one of my favorite cases of all time to work with in that price range. The 302 should be excellent too; its just a matter of whether you think it's worth the price.
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  5. I have a perfect 300 series, that I want to do on a budget build. Can I convert the front I/O to the one the 300 two uses? That is my only hangup. Also, I made a Corsair H80, though I could only fit one fan, (came with 2 for push pull) fit on the rear exhaust mount.

    Back to question, If Antec does not offer the part separate, can I get a universal harness?
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