Can i put a geforce gxt 280 with 1 gig ddr3 on a H-RS880-uATX motherbord in a hp

Can I put a GeForce GTX 280 with 1 gig ddr3 on a H-RS880-uATX motherbord in a HP Pavilion p6787c with a 250 watt power suplply, 8 gig ram, and windows home 7? I want to up grade from the AMD Radeon 6450 with 512 ddr3 that's in it know. Would this even be an upgrade, will it work with win7? I eventually want to run 4 1920x1080 screens with my flight sims FSX, the new MS Flight and X-Plane 9. I already have the geforce card. If this is not possible what would you suggest? I've thought about getting a Matrox triple head to go, but now here there may be gpu,s with 4 monitor hook-up on them. Sorry if i'm not asking the right questions, this is the first time I have done this. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. That would be a huge upgrade as far as performance. First..will the card physically fit in your case? If still wont run on a 250watt power supply. You would need a good 600 watt or so, like this one
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