Connection between CD-RW and Soundcards?

Hi, before i tell my problem, lemme give you my computer specs.

1300 Mhz Thunderbird Athlon with 266 FSB
Abit Kt7A Mobo with VIA chipset
64MB Radeon DDR
Sound Blaster Live Platinum 5.1 with Live Drive IR
512 MB of SDRAM (2 256 MB sticks)
Netgear FA311 NIC card
Generic Modem
Windows 98
Prime Peripherals DVD drive
Acer 10x4x32 CD-RW drive
40GB hard drive

Ok, now the only thing i'm really having trouble with this PC, which i built specifically for gaming and running hard apps (i know what everyone's saying, if it's for gaming, why no GeForce 3? Well, GeForce 3 didn't come out yet when i bought and built this PC), is the CD-RW drive. The CD-RW drive has only burned one perfect CD in it's entire lifetime in this PC. I had it in my other PC for a while and it worked fine in that one. Someone told me that there was a link between the Sound Blaster Live and the CD-RW maybe, because they somehow share resources or something and by not installing everything, wasn't allowing the resources to go through. Is this true or not? Anyone able to make me a list of what i can try to do to fix my CD-burning blues?
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  1. What kind of error are you having? Buffer underrun? Can't write to the CD? Can't see the drive? What?

    Apple? Macintosh? What are these strange words you speak?
  2. I'm sorry, i didn't realize that i didn't specify the problem. My computer can read the CD-RW and start making a CD. However, it does NOT suffer from having a buffer underrun. It starts making the CD, putting in the CD table of contents, then burning maybe a couple tracks, then while burning the next track, the computer will just freeze or reboot by itself. One of my friends told me that this could be because of my sound blaster platinum, because there could be certain resources shared or something, and by disabling the launcher bar, i could have actually hurt my CD-burning capabilities.....that is until i fix it or format and start over.
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