Pc freezes and artifacts when youtube video is played in fullscreen.


Today when i watched a video on youtube fullscreen , it froze and had symetrical artifacts { the sound also loops}

They are red and green little boxes of stripes evenly spread across the screen.

This is the second time ive had this happen.

im running a msi gtx 560ti tinfrozer II

a 2500k {both unoverclocked}

win 7 latest updates

latest nvidia drivers.

750w psu

4 gb's of corsair vengance ram.

If anyone can help me , thank you in advance
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  1. Check your GPU temperatures. If that doesn't work, use driversweeper and install an older version of your drivers.

    How long has this been happening? Is this a newly built computer, etc.?
  2. This also just happened to me. I just recently built my pc. NVidia gtx 560 ti , i5 2500k, 8gb ram. not sure what it could be
  3. Same problem here also got a 560ti. Didn't have the problem before the latest drivers.
  4. Yep. The same thing happens to me. And I also have a Gigabyte 560TI, 2500K, 4GB ValueRam. No overclock around. Maybe is something with nvidia's latest drivers. I'll disable hardware acceleration and see what happens.
  5. Maybe someone else will read this post having the same problem. Disabling hardware acceleration on flash streaming videos WORKS (it worked for me ). Simply RightClick on video -> settings -> uncheck "Enable Hardware Acceleration".
    It must be something with videodrivers. Goodluck!
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