I can't edit nor eliminate my posts.

I post from Spain. Whenever I want to edit or delete a post, there's a screen "you're not allowed to edit this post".
Additional data: I log in from www.tomshardware.com and when I try to edit I get www.tomshardware.co.uk. Is there perhaps some bug with this US then UK access?..as I said I always post from Spain.

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  1. Yeah, its a known issues with the flip-flopping mirrors, if you posted it from .com you can only edit it from .com, if you post from .co.uk it can only be edited from there.

    When you browse to the forums make sure you are still in .com, figure out at what point you get flipped to .co.uk and change it back to .com and see if when you are in the .com domain you can edit your post.

    Can you link to the thread in question for reference?
  2. Hi hunter315, thanks for your anwer: ...I've tried but I can't change back to .com, I mean: when I'm in the .com site and hover the mouse over Forum> cpus and components for example, I can see this hyperlink below:


    but when I click on it, I'm immediately redirected to

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