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Best card/manufacturer of new AMD 7870

Can some one give me the run down on the best manufacturer of the new 7870 ? which 7870 card is the best and why.. thanks :bounce:
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  1. Gigabyte 7870 OC with 3 fans on it.
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    For AMD card it's almost always like this (note, this is my Personal Preference)

    Sapphire for Budget, HIS IceQ X for a budget aftermarket cooler and MSI TFIII for best aftermarket one.
  3. sounds good.. thanks
  4. all the msi stuff out of stock btw
  5. wait... It's new man, don't except it to stock that fast :).
  6. 7870 Twinfrozr iii


    Custom Watercooled 7870 (no waterblock available atm)
  7. yea eventually im going 2 with the wb... and to >> refill ... they had them in stock... sold out... stocked them... sold out again hah
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  9. click on auto notify??
  10. yea i did.. 3 days... still out...

    ive been comparing all the cards on ther... the saphire looks just as nice... specs wise... starting to wonder :heink:
  11. I've got 7870 from VisionTek for 280 dollar
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