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Built this computer about a week ago and all was well until I got home today to find the computer off.

I press the power button and it gives me a BSOD. It flashed so fast I couldn't read it and then I couldn't boot into Windows at all. Kept saying something about a drive issue. I don't know where to look for the log files that would contain that info.

So, I go into the bios and I don't see it recognizing my SSD anymore. I then proceed to move the SATA cable for the SSD to a different port. Finally, when I try to boot windows it gives me two options. One was boot normally and the other was something like delete memory dump and proceed to boot menu, can't remember the exact wording. Everytime I did boot normal, it kept coming back to that screen so I selected the other one and it ended up booting normally. When it got into windows, it had to reinstall the drivers for the SSD drive.

I find this all to be very odd so I take my 1tb drive and plug it into the original SATA port that the SSD drive was in and it works fine. So the port is OK.

I then leave the 1tb drive plugged into the original SSD port and plug the SSD into the spot where the 1tb drive was and boot windows normal and it then has to reinstall the drivers again for some reason.

Now, I am up and running, but something has to be wrong somewhere. Maybe my SSD is on the way out?

I also now here random noises coming from the case that sound like a scratching noise. Only happens for a split second and only every once and a while. And no, nothing is touching any fans.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? Is there a way to test the SSD for signs of failure or would I have to just wait for it to die?

It's a Mushkin Enhanced Chronos Deluxe MX 128gb.
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  1. try doing a hard drive SMART test on both drives when you log in. if its not a SMART issue then monitor your CPU and GPU temps as they can also cause a BSOD to happen and then compare those temps to the maximum temps (Google them). from that noise you said you had it sounds like it is the mechanical drive that might be going out. with an SSD it either works or it doesn't but a mechanical will still try to work while its failing. another piece of hardware that has a fan is the power supply which you can't test through software (at least to my knowledge). the last thing to check would be the CPU heat sink as you could have something stuck or rubbing the fan or a bad application of thermal compound
  2. Thanks for the reply. I got home and ran Passmark Diskcheck on both drives on short and extended checks and both drives passed.

    I havent had any problems since the incident.

    I have also had HWMonitor running for several hours at idle and light use like internet surfing.


    Cores #0-3: ~22C Min~20C Max~35C
    Package: 25C Min 23C Max 42C

    Current Min Max (in C)
    SYSTIN 27 26 30
    CPUTIN 22 21 25
    AUXTIN 52 46 54
    TMPIN3 25 23 37

    GPU 29C Min 25C Max 32C

    Everything seems fine too me except AUXTIN, but from google people say not to necessarily worry about that.
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