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So its released and even though its out of stock we do have the pricing. Im building my new build when Ivy bridge is released but im getting a little confused with the things i hear. Some say that the price may rise in the future? What happened with the 580 when it was released? Should i get it as soon as possible or wait until april 29 when Ivy is released?
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  1. If demand is high, which it is, and the competition isn't pushing to keep the price down, which it's not, you could see a price increase. I saw that with my AMD 5870. I got it at $390, a few weeks later it was $420+. I would not expect this card to go any lower in price any time soon, so the only way for it to move is up in price if it doesn't remain the same.
  2. It's hard to say what's going to happen. I'd expect 7950/7970 prices to drop in response to the 680 release price (rather than see those prices stay the same and the 680 prices go up).

    It's my opinion that the 7970 price was artificially high in an attempt to take better advantage of being first-to-market (which we last saw with the 5870 as jay mentioned). Since the only competition was the somewhat dated 580, they priced based on how it performed relative to that $500ish card. If NVidia launched at a close time I think we'd be seeing 7970 and 680 prices a lot closer to the 570/6970 launch prices of around $350. Now NVidia seems like a hero for releasing the [better than 7970] "GTX 680" at $500. Just my $.02 -- cheers!
  3. Also, when the 580 was released, its performance was higher than anything and the price was as well. Now we have a situation where something with a lower pricetag offers higher performance.

    If AMD doesn't respond with lowering prices, we'll probably see Nvidia raise its prices. If AMD doesn't lower its prices and Nvidia doesn't raise its prices, we'll probably see Nvidias sales blowing AMDs away with this generation of cards and the discrete GPU part of AMD slowly going away with regard to the discrete video card market (I really doubt this situation).

    It will be interesting to see considering AMD's company focus is now on the APU.

    My guess though is if you can get a 680 now, you can at least guarantee you won't be affected by any rising price.
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