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hello guys! :hello: i want to ask some opinions from all of you..hope that you can give me your opinions... :love: my question is,which one is better for gaming?like for need for speed shift unleashed and DIRT 3...DDR3 1GB graphic card or DDR5 512MB graphic card?which is better for gaming? :sweat: hope you guys can posted your wise opinions here... :) thanks! :love:
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  1. What monitor resolution?

    For 1650 X 1050 or smaller, I think the 512 GB GDDR5 card would have the edge. For anything higher than that, I think the larger frame buffer would be better.
  2. i have 1280 x 1024 resolutions..so,it is good for me to buy ddr5 gpu right?and, there is one more question,how about ddr3 2gb gpu versus ddr5 512mb gpu?which one is better?
  3. There is a lot more to a good graphics cars than just how much, or how fast the ram is. A low end card might have a lot a ram, and it may be ddr5, but if its processor is low end, itsstill a slow card. exactly which models are you looking at
  4. How fast is the card? Or which card is it?
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