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hello! :hello: :hello:i want to ask for some opinions...i know that some of you will be shocked when reading about my question..actually,i have been challenged by my friends to upgrade my old pentium 4 pc to run new games like fifa 2011 and dirt3..i have told him that it is such a big challenges..i planned to fit dd3 or ddr5 1gb graphic card into this motherboard.but,it is an old mobo:P4M266A-8235 from via technologies.can those gpu fit on it?i also planned to upgrade the processor.i am using prescott socket 478 cpu with 2.7 mhz.currently i already have 2 gb of ram.guys,i know this is such a difficult task! :pfff:and i fell very curios to build this pc!i am full of energy and interest to upgrade this old system! :fou: thats why i am asking for your opinions..my challenger use intel dual core processor with 1gb of gpu ddr3..please....do not ask me to build anew system because i already have a dell laptop that is good enough for gaming.hope you guys can help me here! :sweat:
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  1. Just so you know, laptop's are pretty bad at gaming, even if you get a high end one, a comparable desktop will stomp it.

    If you are updating the CPU, you will probably need a new motherboard anyways, so any gpu will fit in the PCIe slot. A budget would help also.
  2. yup!i know it..but,my dell laptop is enough for me.i am happy when using it..so,any ideas?can i fit ddr3 or ddr5 gpu to my old mobo?i will appreciate it very2 much..by the way!thanks for quick reply!
  3. If you want to change your CPU with a newer one, you'll need a new mobo with the right socket. Also it has to be able to fit the new graphics card that you'll be getting. And you'll need a PSU powerful enough to support those new components. Also, 2 gigs of ram is just not enough these days...

    That's a new system right there.

    Anyway, for a GPU I'd recommend 6870 or gtx 560ti, depending on your personal preference.
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