Is it possible to install 2 keyboards on 1 PC? One USB and a PS2 board for example, or 2 PS2's with a thing between them or something.
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  1. Yes, but it wouldn't do you any good...I'm a assuming you want it so two different people can type at once, or switch off without passing around a keyboard?
    Anyhow, I think you can install two keyboards (two USB, USB and PS/2, probably not two PS/2), but Windows doesn't have any support for it, so it would be hard to deal with if you could.

    Apple? Macintosh? What are these strange words you speak?
  2. So according to you I can use one PS2 and one USB keyboard right?
    But you say Windows doesn't support this. (I have windows on a PIII800)
    The thing is:
    I want to build some sort of flightsim cockpit and therefor I need 2 keyboards: one that I can use for typing some things or use when i don't game but need to make a project for school, and the other one I will rip all the keys off and put them on another place, so i will have the numpad on my right and al the 'F' keys on the left, get-it? Its not easy to explain this in eglish because I'm from holland :)

    I just need to use 2 keyboards with windowsME or 2K, thats all. :)
  3. Get yourself a USB hub, and plug your current keyboard of choice right into it. Hubs are convenient, that way you don't have to crawl behind your computer to plug and unplug. Some monitors have USB hubs right on their front panel that should make keyboard switching easy.

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