Computer randomly restarting during Games - Mainly LoL

Hey guys having problems with this new computer i put together.

it seems to be randomly restarting during ingame play on League of legends,
happend on diablo 3 / BF3 whilst resolution was set higher ( least i think that was it , and only happened once or twice outside of LoL )

But during League of Legends it seems to happen about 3min into the game.

My initial thoughts where windows settings , so iv turned off auto restart , then i thought it might of been Lack of power from PSU when higher resolutions where being used - Lowing resolution fixed any restarts on other games.
and turning off the auto Overclocking on the Motherboard bios setting back to standard.

problem still persists , thought maybie the GPU was overheating so i threw in a large gaming Fan in the case, even after thought about it being power issue , but dident seem to help or make it worse.

Build specs

i5-2500k -- No overclock
MB --- gigabyte Z68ap-D3
GPU -- ATI Radeon 6870
Case - Gh-1802 Mid ATX case
Ram - G.skill DD3 - 1333 4x2gig ( 8gig )
Psu -- 700 watt corsier i think
Hard drive - 1tb - 7200 rpm barracuda
extra - Gaming Fan w/LSD -- LRG 16x16cm
All drivers have been updated for motherboard and GPU

So i have run benchmarks and failed to have the computer restart and if the restarting was just during LoL id think it was just the game , but has happend on rare occasions whilst playing other games and Never restarted whilst not gaming.
this point im thinking may be a dud stick or ram or MB or GPU but then one would expect it to restart during other activities which leaves me back to PSU

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  1. start with checking that the ram is on the mb qal list. at that the bios is up to date there been a few new bios for the 68 and z77 chipset for ram compatibility upgrade. i would download cpu-z and use the spd tab and read your ram info and check to see if your ram speed and voltage are set right. if they are run memtest with two dimms...if passes take one dimm out witht he power off. and then try running lol. if lol locks up leave the dimm out and download hardware monitor and prime95 this is going to test the cpu and not the gpu. with prime95 running check that the cpu and mb temps dont get to hot and the cpu shuts down for safty. also watch your ps voltage for any sags. if your system passes prime95 there pathmark gpu burn in that you can run to see if the gpu is the issue.
  2. Very helpful response, thanks for this.
  3. already ran prime95 , gpu-z , havent heard of pathmark gpu.
    i tend to use afterburners GPU stress testing , was thinking of testing the ram since all the bio's and such have been updated already.

    Def not a heat problem system is running nice n cool on Mb , cpu , gpu , ram

    Guess my next step is testing the ram sticks one at a time --- still odd its done it only twice outside of LoL since other games im playing are using more resources.

    ill post results back when done , prob tomorrow -- feel free to post any ideas up till then.
  4. update --- tried to roll back the bios a version dident seem to help at all.

    -- testing the ram with memtest ( one stick @ a time )

    -- failing that , taking away some of the power usage from dvd burner ect see if that helps
  5. ps -- g.skill ram was supported by the z68 - back in 1hr with memtest results
  6. Alright think i solved this problem - still not quiet sure what the cause was

    Dimm 1 -- test pass
    LoL test dimm 1 -- pass -- 1920x1080 -- duration 31min

    Dimm 2 -- test pass
    LoL test dimm 2 -- pass -- 1920x1080 -- duration 38min

    both dimms ( swapped locations of ram on MB -- A to B and B to A )
    memtest -- pass
    LoL test both dimm's -- 41min
    think it was fixed by rolling back the bios a version then re-updating it

    going into bios after that and changing the voltage setting from auto and manualy setting them to standard -- changing turbo mode to standard then ram timing set to 7 to stop any ram timing errors and finaly hitting F8 on boot and Z68 has a option to not restart system on errors -- ill do more testing tomorrow and find out if just applying the F8 - no restarts option works by its self.

    - note 16x16 gaming fan was disabled when running tests
    - windows option for reset on errors was disabled when restarts where happening

  7. Sigh , connected the Gaming fan back up and decided to jump on diablo 3

    -- put resolution up to 1920x1080

    About 3 min into gaming it restarted no noises or anything just complete restart reboot
    testing it now without the fan on, doubt it will make a diffrence still thinking its power related now
  8. Took off the gaming Fan , took about 15 hrs for the computer to restart on diablo 3 without changing the resolution down.

    .. anyone confirm this is a power related issue ?
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    after 15h of playing it could have been a heat lock up. if you can play any game more then 3 hours without a lock up then your system is running fine. after 3 or 4 hours it could be ran out of ram...a lot of things. what i would do know is tweek the game aa..water effects..v-sink. i would turn it off in both the game and the control pannel. check your aa setings there one of the biggest hits to a video card. if it set to 8aa or 8faa try setting the game to 4.aa one trick if you think it heat issue (lack of air flow in a case take the side panel off and play.
  10. yea well i had thought it was heat to begin with also , thats why i got the gaming fan for the air cooled system , though everything on monitors looked fine.
    why its giving me so much trouble , system still had 20* before anything should be overheating -_-
  11. going to bump this post , still havent got the problem sorted, anyone else got any ideas
  12. seems to be giving a kernal-power error / critical - in the event viewer now im guessing it is the PSU since i dont get a BSoD -- guess ill spend another couple hundred to find out -_-
  13. Hey guys , just been surfing around the net / forums to try and confirm it was a PSU issue found this


    same codes so im confident that it is a problem with the PSU -- just orded a new antec 900w PSU should be here in a few days -- ill post back with hopefully good news my problem is fixed
  14. WOOOOT Problem solved , if anyone else is having problems like this i would be looking towards a faulty PSU , guess ill have to give best answer to smor since im unable to give it to myself.
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  16. Thanks for such a thorough test of the issue at hand, its helping me diagnose right now!
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