I5-3570k overclock temps, are these normal?

Hi everyone, I just built a system with the i5-3570k, asrock z77 extreme4, phantom 410 case, and hyper 212 evo cooler.

Room temp is around 22-24c and I overclocked it to 4.2GHz with stock (auto) vcore and other settings.

I was wondering if these prime95 idle and load temps are acceptable/normal for gaming purposes. I only ran the test for 35-40 minutes and the temps stayed the same. I already tried reseating and reapplying the thermal paste / cooler to see if it would go down.

Load results
Idle results

In addition, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for OC changes in the BIOS, there were several other options such as LLC level.

Thanks in advance for replies/responses!
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  1. Those are fine temperatures.
  2. Temps aren't bad. I get higher with a Hyper 212 Plus and an i5 2500k.
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