R7950 Weirdness and too hot?

Hi. I just got this card yesterday (The FX-795A-TDBC) (3/22/12) And i'm seeing the temp go beyond 72 C when ever i launch Sims 3. Another thing is i'm hearing this strange screeching sound coming from the card everytime i launch the game. Should this be a concern? I'm not keeping a 500 dollar Video Card if this is a problem. I used to have a Nvidia 440 GT before this one.

Here is my desktop


Here is the Power Supply i upgraded to


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. :)
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  1. 72 is fine, however you may use MSI kombuster or similar software to test stability and how's the temperature is at Stress use.
  2. It's not strange for the card to hit those temperatues and higher under 100% load, but I highly doubt the sims 3 is putting that kind of pressure on your card. You can download GPU-Z to check the load and see if everything is running alright.

    That noise is strange though, if it's happening every time you boot a game it's likely a faulty fan and you'll need to get the card replace.
  3. I was looking at the CCC thingie and i.....don't know what i'm looking at. I'm a complete dummy with these things and dare not touch anything. LOL. I was looking at other boards and they mentioned the Afterburner thing but even that i don't know what i'm looking at. :/

    Well it's good to know 72 is good i suppose... But i'd love to find a better cooling solution. Stinks that this Rig has no fans to bring IN air. Everything is OUT.
  4. Oh okay. So i guess the only thing remaining 'strange' is that sound. It's not loud-loud. Kinda like a ringing sound you hear after someone screams into your ears. x3
  5. Did you read the review of the computer you got (from your link)?

    "The bad: Despite outward appearances, this desktop offers weak gaming performance and features underwhelming connectivity due to the absence of USB 3.0, among other missing outputs.
    The bottom line: Underdelivering on the promise of its stylized exterior, the Gateway FX6850-51u is a subpar gaming PC."

    Just about all electrical devices emit a hum. Could it be your gpu fan? Or a spinning HDD?
  6. Yes, i thought that meant that the Graphics Card already in it wasn't all that great. Although i was able to play Sims 3 on it fine but it was kinda laggy when trying to live in a HUGE house. The bigger the house, the more the game starts getting laggy. On this card however, i put my Sims in the same mansion that lagged horribly on the GT440, and now it doesn't lag plus loads furniture like the Road Runner on this new card. Before this card was even in there, i never heard this sound but like i said, it only does it when launching a game. I had the HDD replaced by Gateway because the other one wasn't working properly. I was thinking of buying a better Hard drive. Maybe a 2 TB or something. lol

    Honestly, i didn't look at the reviews carefully before buying this tower. I grabbed it because it looked so cool. Yeah yeah i know what you're going to say... lol
  7. Not sure how it could be a faulty fan. I just did a check on them by doing manual and putting them up to like 80% and didn't hear the sound. Just really loud fans. lol
  8. Ok forget this. I'm taking this card back. My game keeps freezing every 5 minutes. Never had this problem before.
  9. surely defective, great decision I think.
  10. I've yet to call Superbiiz about this. I thought maybe reinstalling the factory version of my Windows 7 might help since the version i had installed was a fresh copy but was missing drivers. Seemed to actually help the game's freezing but now there's this other story i forgot to mention. "Excessive shaking when Sims 3 is booting up". I saw it do it again while playing Tomb Raider Underworld and Saints Row 3. I checked the refresh rate and i can only do up to 70hz supposely but is set to 60 hz. I can't change it to 70hz anywhere.
  11. Unless it's something else i could get into to fix the shaking. I tried looking around for answers.
  12. ..Otherwise i'll just return the card but i don't have much time to do this. We're in the process of moving out of State and will be gone by the 16th next month.
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