Please help im a noob at pc builds

can someone please tell me is Intel Core i3 2120(3.30GHz) and ati radeon hd 5450 compatible?
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  1. Yes they are. :)

    I'll say this though, the i3 will be bottlenecked by that card.
  2. srry whats bottlenecked mean? is that bad?
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    dubwolf said:
    srry whats bottlenecked mean? is that bad?

    It just means that the i3 can handle a much faster and stronger GPU than a 5450, and because of that, the 5450 will hold it back in games.

    The 2120 is pretty high on the CPU chain for gaming and the 5450 is near the bottom of the GPU chain.

    It's not necessarily "bad", you just won't get the best that the i3 can give you.
  4. thank you alot!:D and i know the card is very cheap. but itll hopefully be good enough for a bit more fps.
  5. You're welcome. :)
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