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Aftermarket cooling

so im wondering what cooler to get my cpu. i have a intel i7 870 @ 2.93 ghz and i want it to run cooler/quieter since the stock cooler is getting squeeky. i was thinking about a hyper 212 evo or a hydro h80.
my specs are:
case - nzxt phantom full tower
cpu - i7 870 @ 2.93 ghz
gpu - raedon 5570
psu - ocz 750 watt modular
hdd - western digitial caviar green i think

so what would youguys reccomend? i run my pc around 80% usage most of the day... meaning 12-20 hours a day or so.
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  1. i got the related question and found that non-overclocking,then 212 EVO
    overclock-Noctua NHD 14 i think h80 will be expensive
  2. An EVO will be just fine. It'll keep you within safe temperatures with a heavy overclock. If you think a little extra OCing is worth the extra cash, because you'll probably be able to hit a bin or two higher, get an NH-D14.
  3. im not really going to oc much i just want it to not sound like a rocket in my room in the middle of the night. because i sleep about 4 feet from my desktop tower... so im hopeing an evo or 212 plus will be much quieter and keep it cooler. it runs around 80% load during the night by the way. so im looking for something semi quiet and efficient. so would you reccomend a 212 + and buy a second 120mm fan and do a push/pull config? would that keep it the coolest?
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    evo 212 vs evo 212+ have same performance and the 212+ got some grooves between heatpipes-i heared.
    but the evo makes noise at about 36db
    if you can afford and if your case is large,i vote for nh d14 for its performance and whisper quiet performance.

    evo is not much noisy but it is,if you want additional 120mm fan you can get silent fans from cooler master with 17-19db
  5. Why is your computer on at night, and why the heck is it running at 80% load?
    The D14 would be the quietest.
    The EVO has better performance than the Plus.
  6. it runs at 80% load because i bot runescape on it...
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