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My question is: Will the PSU I've selected be okay for my needs? (details described below)

I'm trying to create a quiet system to be used in a 27 square meter (290 square feet) apartment that I share with my girlfriend. Emphasis: The system must be quiet; we live in one small room. Also, I'm trying to keep the cost low.

My assumption is that if I have a low wattage system with a case with good airflow and large fans (140mm-200mm), then the machine will be very quiet.

The components I'm considering:
CPU: AMD A6-3500
Mobo: Asus F1A75-M
PSU: Corsair CMPSU-430 CXV2
Case: Cooler Master HAF912
Additionally, I'll likely be using 4GB of RAM and a 7200 RPM 3.5" HDD. No optical drive. No graphics card.

Using the PSU Wattage Calculator from Newegg ( ), it seems that my system doesn't need a high wattage power supply (less than 200W).

To reiterate, will the PSU I've selected be okay for my needs? Or should I consider the 650W version of the Corsair PSU?

Thank you.
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  1. PLENTY.

    The graphics card is the most power hungry component. If your not using one then your system will probably only use around 150w MAX.

    Depending on prices, it's probably worth considering even a 320w SeaSonic unit or similar reputable brand.
  2. Your system is going to draw less than 200 watts at full load . A 430 watt unit will not be challenged .

    In a case like the HAF you can disconnect all the fans in a build like this . It will cool well enough since heat will just rise out the top of the case .
    I'd be tempted to use a quiet case . Or a home theater case like the silverstone GD 05 . Slow the fans a little and it will be silent too , and probably be less intrusive in a small space .

    Your ram needs to be 1600 Mhz or 1866 Mhz to get the best graphics performance from the A6-3500
  3. Thanks @AdrianPerry for the concise response. I'll consider a smaller PSU.

    and Thanks @Outlander_04 for the information about the RAM speeds. Also, I was thinking about a HTPC-type case, but I'm really worried about the buzz from those tiny fans.
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