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Never posted before, the search facility didn't find an answer. I have just bought 4 games for our Dell Inspiron 531. I upgraded the RAM to 4Gb but I think the graphics card is too low a spec, its the one the machine came with the games (Skyrim, Rage, Deus Ex and Saints Row the Third) need at least an NVIDIA 8800 or an ATI Radeon HD3800 or better (as a minimum) or recommend an NVIDIA GTX400 or ATI Radeon HD5000. Can you suggest a cheaper option than these. I don't understand the graphics side of this. Thanks
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  1. I could suggest a cheaper card..but it takes at least the ones listed to play those games, so it would be pointless. Basically you are going to have to spend at least $100 to get a good enough video card to play those games, maybe more because your power supply probably wont provide enough juice to run a decent card
  2. Thanks, I was thinking that might be the answer, I just wondered if there was an equivalent. Teach me to read the game specs before buying things as a pressie in the future won't it! :D
  3. I have found one of these near to me: XFX Radeon HD 5000 Series HD5450: HD-545X-ZCH2 is that what I need? It needs a 450w power supply I am fairly sure I only have 300w so I'll need more power to, anything I particulary need to know when picking one? So many questions so little idea.
  4. the 5450 is an older, not very powerful card, and will not meet the specs you listed for the games. Of what you listed the nvidia 8800 would be the highest card requirement to meet or exceed. Let me get back here in a bit. I will check some things out as there are a lot of newer cards with a fair ammount of power,yet with lower power requirements due to technology advancements. I will find a few suitable cards that will work for you, while trying to control cost as much as possible
  5. If going with AMD/ ATI graphics cards, you will need a 5670/6670 minimum..next better would be 5750/6750, and then next up , better yet 5770/6770. For Nvidia look for a gt450 or 550Ti. All of these except probably the 6770 and 550Ti can be found for under $100, the other 2 a bit more. As far as a power supply, you will want a Corsair, Antec, Seasonic, XFX, or OCZ. These are all quality, efficient units and one of these at 450-500 watts will be enough power. They typically run $55-$75, but often have rebates, as do a lot of the video cards. 6670 start around $80.. Oh a 6570 should work too
  6. Those are the cards, but that wasnt the power supply I meant, although that one is great too. scroll down a little on the amazon link for the power supply. It says" customers who viewed this also viewed" . The first one is a corsair cmpsu 430cxv2. Its actually a bit cheaper than the one you linked to. Either would be fine Both you graphic card links open to the same card here is a 6670 http://www.pixmania.co.uk/uk/uk/9736053/art/asus/radeon-hd-6670-1-gb-gddr3.html
  7. Thanks loads, and the 6670 is the best of the two? Found the power supply you recommended, if the 6670 is best i'll go for that.

    You have been great thanks tonnes.
  8. yep 6670 is best of the 2.. good luck and have fun
  9. Will do thanks for the help off to order them now. :)
  10. Update, all received fitted and working a dream, thanks for your help.
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