AMD CPU temperature problems

Hello people

I have an AMD phenom 2 x4 965 Black Edition with the stock heatsink and paste on a MSI 870S-c45(fx) motherboard.

My CPU temperatures on idle on all cores are @ 50 degrees and up to 65+-70 under load (guild wars 2).

I've been googling this and found out that my Vcore could be set too high by default and if so then i should lower it to 1.35-1.3.

Looking around the BIOS i've seen that my Vcore is set to 1.44 if im not mistaken and so i tried to find the option to lower it only that there was no option that allowed me to fiddle with that particular setting.

Seeing as i could not lower my Vcore i thought i would take advantage of that and OC'ed my CPU from 3400 up to 3800 by changing the multiplier to 19.

With the overclock on the CPu goes up to 70-71 degrees in guild wars 2 and stays at around 50 degrees on idle(so not much of a difference between stock freq and oc)

I would really appreciate if the more professional folk could help and tell me whether should i keep this OC or go back to stock settings and find a solution to bring the Vcore to an optimal setting.

Also i read somewhere that the stock cooler of this particular CPU is sensor based and it would help greately(a must the person said) if i could flip the fan over so it blows air out because the way it is the fan functions based on the air case temp instead of CPU temp.
I wanted to try that but i could not find a way to separate the fan from the heatsink for it didn't have screws.( here's a picture of the heatsink and fan,it is the one on the right- Notice how it has the screw holes but they are actually empty.

Additional information:In Bios the overclocking options are in the cell menu tab and the Vcore is supposed to be in the "CPU Features" submenu.The problem is the only options in this submenu are the following : AMD cool n quiet , SVM Support , C1E Support.

Thank you people for your time and potential help!
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  1. The temp is way too high. First order of business should be to get those temps down. -After you verify that they are legit with a second program just to be sure. HWmonitor, core temp etc.

    If you can't get the voltage down, I guess you need to get better cooling. Try a cooler master 212+ if it will fit in your case. If not, try a cooler master TX3.
  2. I think i am going to get the CM 212 but im wondering if my corsair vengeance(high profile) would not interfere with the cooler since im on a mATX mobo(only 2 ram slots and im afraid that the 212 will cover the first).

    Can anybody confirm this so i know exactly what to do?
  3. Anybody?
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