Two System options need advice!

Hey guys, long time reader, first time poster.

In short I need opinions as to which system option is better for a pure gaming machine. Also which would be future proofed more?

Option 1 : i5 2500k and Gigabyte gtx 690

Option 2 : i7 3930k and Gigabyte 670 SLI

WHich would perform best in gaming?

obviously would overclock the 2500k as Ive heard its pretty straight forward. THe other parts in the box are fairly high end. This question is really burning me up as I dont know which would be the better option, would love some straight out expert advice on which to choose. Thanks.
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  1. bump, really want some expert advice!
  2. The 2nd system is faster than the 1st, but not by much in gaming. In other CPU intensive tasks, the 2nd system wins handsdown.
  3. The first one would be better for gaming. CPUs are barely ever the bottlenecks in a build. A 690 is better than SLI-ed 680s!
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