Ok so here's the problem. My laptop crapped out on me so the wife is letting me build me dream gaming pc :) will be done next week :) We just moved from MD to NC and we're living with her parents for a few months until are house is finished being built. Their wireless router is downstairs and I could only get 2 bars with my laptop. What do I need to buy to put in my desktop to get wireless ( i know a network card ) but I would love if someone suggested a nice one :) and what can I do to get good signal ? I play Iracing and need awesome signal to play. I have another router, can i plug the cable into it in our room and start my own network or what are my options ? Thanks, moving it is not an option haha
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  1. What model is the main router?

    What model is your router?

    What kind of cable connection are you talking about? coax, network or phone

    if you still have a low signal you might want to add a more powerful antenna
  2. linksys wga54g, here's where its located.....i'm in the room above the garage (2nd floor)on the right side of the house, the router is on the first floor and all the way on the right side of the house, i get 2 bars :( not enough to attempt iracing . i believe it's coax ( cable tv chord from outside ) into the router. Is there any home made contraptions i can add to my build to reach out far haha, thanks
  3. the main router is the wga54g which is a G-router that is why you might not get a good enough signal.

    what about the other router? what kind is it?

    if you could change the main router to a N-router for the time you live there, it probably give you a strong enough signal to play given you are installing a N-wireless network card in the computer.

    another option the might work is use MoCA devices

    since there is already a cable modem connected I doubt you will get a connection and also you cable modem usually needs to be registered with the ISP
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