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Looking for a new case to support a possible upgrade to my computer. Speed wise I'm good with my stock i5 750. But I feel I'm starting to fall behind on features as I don't have PCIe 3 or SATA 6.0, USB3, etc. I currently have an Antec 300 which is nice, but lacks the USB3, and native support for 2.5" drives. It's also horrible with cable management. So what I'm looking for in a new case.

Must have;
USB 3.0 front support.
Native support for 2.5" drives.
120mm fans or larger. No 80mm fans.
Good cable management.
At least 4 external 5.25 bays AND one 3.5 bay

It would be nice if it didn't have huge amounts of plastic all over it. I saw one on newegg today that would work well, but the top and front was covered in plastic. Also don't want a door over the 5.25" bays though I can probably remove it if need be. Finally, the closer to $50-$75 the better. I've seen those that work, but not sure I want to pay $150+ for USB3 because I don't own any USB 3 devices. Anyone know a case that would work and end my search?
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  1. Just a quick search on newegg -

    I think is something along the lines of what you're looking for. I believe it's steel, and has at least most of the features you were looking for. Haven't heard too much about the brand though, and it only comes with one 120mm fan :\
  2. Hmmm, missed that one in my earlier search. At first I wasn't sure if there was fan space for the hdds in front, but it says it holds 6 120mm fans so I'm sure one or two fit there. Not sure about the cable management. Only seems to be the two holes by the PSU and CPU area. And I think that think blue cable is the cable for the USB3. Certainly fits the bill for the most part but doesn't impress me much.
  3. never mind didn't read your post right my bad
  4. Actually bigcyco, thats a nice looking case. Doesn't quite meet the external requirements, but the option for them is there. I sorta like the look as well. Have to think about that one.

    Edit: These are ones I've seen from my own looking. I'm not sure why I'm not seeing the ones are guys are finding.

    Rosewill R5

    Zalman Z11. Fits the bill but I hate the plastic.

    COOLER MASTER Storm Enforcer. Lots of plastic again... Seems rather basic for $70 or $80

    Carbide 400R maybe?
  5. I just got a carbide 500r and love it. I think it should meet your requirements.
  6. It does. I've been eyeing it recently. Pretty much all I've wanted in a case and then some. Problem for me is its $130 on newegg. Thats a lot of money for a non performance part. I could get the 400R, but thats still $110 and the 500R is worth the extra $20 from what I can see.

    I still need to buy a 90W charger for my laptop, 8 or I'm thinking now 16GB of ram for my desktop. (why spend $50 on 8GB if you can spend $75-$80 on 16?) And I want a blu ray player for my laptop so I can bring it to friends houses who don't have players/TVs (I have a few) so we can watch movies. AFTER all this I want to get a case. As I said in my first post I've seen cases that fit the bill, but they over $100. Wondering if anyone knew of a good case for a bit less.
  7. Got the money in the bank, about the pull the trigger. What's cheap and works best is this one.


    Personally I think it's ugly as hell. When I get the chance today I'll look for others. Anyone know of anything else that might work? I'm not even that worried about four 5.25 bays now, more so if like this one it has a built in fan controller. Anyone?
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