Best CPU/Graphics card compatable with 380W EarthWatts PSU


I have a 380W EarthWatts PSU MicroTower case I would like to keep.
I wish to upgrade my system while changing as little as possible.

Any recommendations or help working this out would be great!

based on this 380W PSU whats the fastest CPU and graphics card that I can get that wouldnt blow up the power supply!

Cheers Alan

based on this 380W PSU whats the fastest CPU and graphics card that I can get that wouldnt blow up the power supply!

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  1. Ivy Bridge and 7800-series Radeon would be good.
  2. Yes, I think so. Are you going to overclock? Anyway, using the eXtreme PSU calculator, with the CPU being i5-3550 and the GPU being a 7850, you've got a total system recommendation of 352W (accounting for mobo, fans, and capacitor aging). With a 7870, you could still use your PSU... 372W recommended with 10% capacitor aging. Just make sure it fits in your case, and make sure your motherboard is LGA 1155
  3. I wasnt going to bother with overclocking unless it was ridicously easy and wouldnt overheat the PSU too much, so probably not
  4. When you say fits in the case, do you mean the CPU coolers are so big it might not fit in, as ive seen some huge coolers recently!
  5. i3-2120 with a HD7850/70 would be perfect.
  6. Just checked to compare grunt per $
    seems the AMD Lhano's are coming out pretty highly.

    These any good?
  7. Llano is an APU, and it's being replaced by the more powerful Trinity which is based on Piledriver.

    Even Trinity is slow compared to Intel, but the graphics are better than Intel. However your not going to be using the graphics, which is the whole point of Llano/Trinity.

    Your paying for the quality of graphics as much as you are for the cpu, it wouldn't make much sense to buy an APU and use a video card.,3202.html
  8. geekapproved said it all. Just verifying! ;)

    I would definitely go Intel if you're gaming. Even though it costs a bit more, the performance is really worth it. Also, the GPU needs to fit inside the case. Check how far it can extend in order to fit in your case... just measure it. It's like CPU cooler clearance except that CPU cooler clearance is in the "z" axis, while GPU clearance is on the "x" axis (if you look at your case from straight on the side)
  9. Actually the only Llano worth buying is the same price or more than the i3.
  10. If you have the money I would upgrade to a i5 quad core (not 'K' model) either Ivy or Sandy and a HD 7850. you don' t want to be messing with OCing on a 380w PSU.

    Rough estimate (max power)
    i5 95 W
    fans and chipset, HDD, optical 50-75w
    HD 7850 130w (stock, OC will draw more, a mild OC should be ok)
    275-300 w total

    shouldn't run over 80% of max PSU 380 x .8 = 304

    the 7850's, are usually 8 - 9.5" long depending on the brand. xfx is 9.5 and Diamond is 8" mostly
  11. HD7850= 110w

    i5-2500 w/out integrated graphics= 65w

    THe questions was "best cpu/gpu for 380w psu", not get a new psu.

    The answer is i3-2120/HD7850/70.
  12. I agree. Definitely don't try to overclock on this system, by the way. i5-2400 is my recommendation, because the IGP is a useful diagnostic tool, and only costs like $10 more.
  13. Yeah if budget is not a problem I see no reason to get the i3 over an i5. The Ivy Bridge saps even less power than Sandy, too.
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