PSU high pitch noise from times !

i got a 'Generic' 600w PSU
Asus P6T MB
6G ram
1x SSD, 1x HDD, 1x CD-Rom

i used to have GT-240 card and now just got a HD-7850, on paper my PSU should handle it no problem @ all, but ever since i got it, the PSU is making this sharp pitch scream from time to time for 4-5 seconds. not super loud, but enough to be annoying, i am guessing it could be lack of power to the card?

instead of typing out it's easier to understand by looking at THIS picture

as u can see the sticker on the PSU as well as how many cables it runs out, and u can see i am actually running HD-7850 off just 1 IDE cable. the GREEN color lines is a possible method of re-wiring

im also aware that IDE/Sata power have both 12v and 5v line in it. Question is do u guys know if each one of those sata/ide outlet have independent circuit with it's own power rating? if u look at the picture, the IDE to PCi-E adapter is 2 to 1, will i make a difference if i get another Sata to IDE adapter, and run the 2nd cable that feed power to PCi-E off that empty sata line with the CD-Rom, since i rarely ever use CD.

in another word, if that 2x sata and 1x IDE cable share the same power rating then doing this will make no difference, re-wiring it will change anything?
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  1. according to that sticker its 1 rail PSU, all the power is shared on every connection,

    wiring it differently would spread out the load on wires and connections,
    so its better to connect adapters to 2 different IDE/Sata cables

    PSU can whine under load, it's annoying but can work like that no problems, thou it might drive you crazy lol
  2. ^^^^

    Doesn't matter how PSU's are wired. If its built properly it shouldn't squeal. Coil whine is one thing, that noise is another. I'd replace that PSU with a better quality one.
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