Just canceled my GTX 680 order...

Hi, i cancel my evga Gtx 680 order after i saw OC editions at EVGA web page. but now im kinda confused, i figured out that OC versions will not come out at least 2 months from now, and by that time GK110 series will be on their way, so its kinda getting at the point when im waiting for better model and not buying video card that i need.

my question is, how long it usually takes to release OC versions of video cards ? how long it takes for last gen cards ?

and also can i overclock my stock GTX 680 to let say EVGA classified level ?
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  1. You can tend to get frustrated by the way they release these cards. I can point to just the last model as an axample. We had the release of the GTX 580 and then over the next 10 months there were numerous versions of that card released. It started with the regular 1.5gb version and then came the 3gb version then there were all of the different OC versions and finally there was the "Classified " version and "Classified Ultra" version. Now it starts all over again , so anyone opting to get the just released 680 is either going to be frustrated with all of the following releases or they can be happy they got a good card and try to OC what they have. If you want a really good card with a lot of extras then you will have to wait for it. There will also be a 4gb version also along with the OC version. Not to mention the dual gpu cards.
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    You probably made a mistake cancelling your GTX680 order.
    They sold out within hours the first day, and may not be in stock again for some time.
    If you want one, speculators on ebay are charging $600 and up.

    There is always something bigger/faster/ perhaps cheaper on the horizon.
    Buy what you need for today, and don't look back.

    How good do you really need to be? A GTX680 stock is probably overkill for any single monitor gaming.
  3. Yeah you f'ed up if you already cancelled your order. Waiting for a SC version is never worth it, i bought a stock 580 and overclocked it 10% past superclock specs with out even changing stock voltage
  4. I don't really see how the OC/Superclocked versions are that much better. First, you can probably overclock your stock 680 to the speeds that the OC/Superclocked versions run at easily. Second, the OC version doesn't really add much in terms of a performance increase. If you look at benches, usually no more than 5%. I think you'd be hard pressed to even notice a difference in game. I've seen these OC/Superclocked versions as more of a marketing thing to be honest to get more money out of buyers. Just get the version that's out now, you'll be more than happy.

    I can see why you'd want a 4gb version if you're running super high res in SLI, but that'd be about it. I think the only game out right now that comes close to taxing the 2gb memory on that card is BF3, I've heard that it uses about 1.8gb in 3monitor mode at ultra. I really don't think 2gb versus 3gb makes any difference now in a year from now unless you're running 3 monitors.
  5. I will never use 3 monitors, my 30 inch monitor in resolution 2560 by 1440 pixels is all i need.
  6. *** , now amazon remove it from store, why i canceled it :(
  7. You'll have to wait for the next batch to hit the stores and grab one then.
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  9. Yea dude. I just orded mine from new egg yester day and I am happy I did it comes with the presion software for easy safe over clocking. dont wait for a SC card they charge more money and you have to wait. When u can just over clock beyond that your self.

    PS keep checking new egg. I was checking new egg every hour and thats when I got mine. 20m later they where all sold out. But few hours later I also seen the gybite model go back in stock for like 15m. Just keep checking. I got the evga and cant wait. I have been using a 4800 amd card to play bf3 and it sucks
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