Nvidia driver issue

I am completely stumped, I just built a new system and bought a evga gtx550ti. Every time I load the driver windows fails to load. I have spent so long trying to fix this that I am about to spend $200 that I don't have on a AMD card.

System is
i7 2600k
ga z68xp-ud3
tx650 psu
16gb corsair 1600 ram
h60 cooler
mushkin chronos sataIII SSD
windows 7 ultimate 64

It is a clean install of windows and I have tried installing the drivers the right at startup after only installing the chipset drivers. I have also tried after all drivers and sp1 have been installed. and every spot in between. I have used driver sweeper in safe mode to remove old drivers (their really aren't any) I have removed sound card drivers (saw that listed as a problem).

Every time the driver is loaded windows will just freeze when the splash screen starts (windows with the little color thing just pulses)

I have flashed the most current bios to my board (rev 1.3 F9) I am just so stuck! I have tried the card in another computer and it works, I have tried another card in this computer and all the slots work fine.

I am open to any suggestion, I have seen other threads on this, but have never seen a solution listed their that worked for me.
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  1. Are you sure that you are loading the 64bit drivers and not the 32bit. If you go to the Nvidia site and let it auto detect the gpu then download those drivers and install to see if that works. If the 32bit drivers are being installed then that will cause the OS to freeze.
  2. They are definitely 64 bit drivers.
  3. you need to disable the CPU video w. lucid. I ran into that problem several times with when loading my 580. The minute i disable the CPU video and launched the driver it worked
  4. Omg, if that works I will literally cry tears of joy!

    :( it won't let me load virtu it keeps spitting out the error (0 gpu's installed remember to enable virtu later)

    Is there any way to disable CPU graphics in the bios?
  5. You should be able to disable intergrated graphics in the bios.
  6. Seems like this board just doesn't want to recognize this card. Just spent an hour on the phone with VGA tech support and they could come up with nothing, he thinks it is just an unkown compatibility issue. I really like their tech support guys, but there is no happy ending to this one.

    Quick edit because in case someone finds this in a search (its my total pet peeve to find the same problem I am having with no answer)

    It turns out that the card is incompatible with the board. I talked for a long to to EVGA trying to resolve the problem and we agreed that for whatever reason that particular card just will not be recognized by that board. I ended up buying a hd 6870 2gb card for that machine and used the GTX550 TI in an HTPC build I am doing. It works great in that machine so go figure. It is a good card and the ga z68-XP-ud3 is a good enough board, they just don't agree with each other.
  7. I updated my system shortly after Thanksgiving using an Asus Maximus Hero IV motherboard and the i7 Haswell processor. My tech and i had a couple of long discussions before I purchased any of the hardware for it...and, he said the exact same thing: "Make sure all parts are compatible before you purchase or you will have issues."

    So once we made up my bucket list for the new build, we discussed graphics cards. I have been a fan of nVidia GeForce GTX cards for some years. We went over all the ones that would work with the motherboard and processor I chose and made sure I had the right setup.

    I ended up with a sweet rig. I reused my tower, 850 power supply; kept 2 of the 3 hard drives already installed and most of the fans except the one on top. That got replaced with a newer one that made a big difference. Overall, having that discussion made all the difference in the world.

    My tech was envious of the video card I finally purchased and said it is now on his "want" list. BTW I managed to get Best Buy to match a lower price on that card than they were selling it for at the time and saved myself over $100 on it. Just was in the right place at the right time and used the right request...they will do that with anything if you ask them to check on it.
    Maximus VI Hero Socket LGA 1150 ATX Intel Motherboard
    Core i7 4770 3.4GHz
    16GB RAM - MEM 8Gx2|GSKILL F3-10666CL9D-16GBXL
    840 Series MZ-7TD250BW 250GB SATA 6.0Gb/s 2.5" Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)
    nVidia GTX GeForce 770 graphics card
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