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Gtx 680 out of stock

This is stupid... why gtx 680 is out of stock everywhere ? and now amazon just removed it from web page. when you think it will be available ?
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  1. This always happens with a new release , there is only so much stock to go around and you will have to keep checking the stores to see when they get more in. There's no way to know just keep checking.
  2. in stock at is still up, but be weary they like to allow you to order and then put you on back order. So if you do I'd call to confirm the order to make sure its shipping.
  3. Bound to happen - it got rave reviews and is very energy efficient - like has been stated keep looking and pull the trigger as soon as you find one.
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    The GTX 680 is a highly anticipated card that was recently released.

    You should have not cancelled your card as you mentioned in your other thread. You'll just have to wait until more GTX 680s come into stock.
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  6. Currently still available from B&H, only PNY though, I got mine ordered and shipped a couple hours ago.

    PNY GTX 680
  7. Paper launch aimed at keeping people from buying new AMD cards.
  8. ^^^

    No it's not a paper launch. I have seen them in stock at Newegg. I didn't buy it since I am quite satisfied with my Radeon HD 5850. I don't intend on upgrading my graphics card anyway until next year after Intel releases Haswell; at that point it will be an entire upgrade.

    Check out, I called tonight around 10p.m and confirmed im #2 in the preorder line for the galaxy verison... frys has not recived their shipment yet im guessing monday it will come then they will send out all the preorders aka me and the others who jump on their limited stock.
  10. I noticed they do not have the evga brand up for preorders yet, guessing low supply for the demand of evga cards so frys got the back door there, but the galaxy models are limited one per house hold and were the first cards to appear on the frys site...

    when i preordered my galaxy card it was the only 680 listed so i grabbed that, now there is 4 brands but no evga still.
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