Pull or push config for my new case fan?


I built this budget gaming rig about 2 month ago.
I been monitoring closely my hardware temps.
CPU is fan along with all other hardware EXCEPT
my Video card.

This is my video card:

when i pwer on my computer the GPU is 50 celcius
Why is it 50 i just turned on the pc but it goes down to 45 idle and 65 playing

so im installing a case fan.

this is what i currently have

and im buying this fan

now the question
since the new fan will be facing the GPU do you think it might help on dropping the GPU's Temp a bit?

second question if it does help, should i install it as a push or pull fan?
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    Your wasting your time, in all honesty.

    Your GPU temps are perfectly fine and WELL within the acceptable limits. You don't need to be concerned with GPU temps until you seem them at least surpass 80!

    This extra fan will more than likely not lower your temps AT ALL! You already have 2 intake fans, and 2 exhaust fans, this is MORE THAN ENOUGH air flow.

    My advice: Don't waste your $10, it's just not worth it.

    EDIT: For proof of this, check what %RPM your fan is running at, unless its running at 100% all the time, which it almost certainly won't be, adding more and more case fans will not help. GPU's are designed to keep themselves cool and within operating temps, that's the whole reason they have their own fan attached.
  2. I was also worried because i barely seen the temp change it barely move so i maybe thought it might be a bad reading?

    im using msi afterburner
  3. Nope, it's managed internally on the card to maintain a temp, if you really don't like the GPU temps use MSI Afterburner to manually control the fan to a higher RPM. This will wear the fan out quicker, but if you want cooler temps that’s the best way.

    But in all honestly like the first reply stated you probably won’t see any decreases, especially without spending big bucks on replacing the factory heat sink on the GPU with a water-cooled setup or something similar. Your case fans won’t affect it much.

    You are well within permissible operating parameters.
  4. Yeah you guys are right.
    but i took ascreenshot of my gpu sencors they readding different tempareture

    take a look :

    hmMonitor ia reading 36
    afterburner is reading 47
    and GPU-Z is showing 3 GPU temps

    which one is the right reading?
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