GTX 680 In hand, PSU Connector help please..

Hey guys, just a fast question cause this is the first I've seen this sort of connection on the PSU setup like this. I just got my GTX 680 today and I'd rather not underpower it or screw it up with some dumb move..

(The power supply in the picture is NOT the one I have. I just got the Kingwin Lazer 1000 watt.)

Anyhow, as you can see in the picture there is a native/non-modular 6 pin cable with an attached 6+2 pin connector on the SAME cable. I am trying to figure out if it is safe to just plug that ONE cable with BOTH 2-6 pin connectors into my GTX 680, OR should I only use ONE of the 6 pins on that cable, and attach another SEPARATE 6 pin cable?

Sorry if its sort of a noob question..Just was worried that both connectors being on a single cable would not be enough power or steady enough power.

MUCH thanks to anyone!
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More about hand connector please
  1. No one? :(
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    You should be good to go. Its the same load no matter how you do buddy.
  3. Yeah its 6 and 2 3's. Just hook up which ever way helps sort the cabling in your case
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  5. Alright, much thanks!!
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