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I'm thinking of upgrading, but do not know what to make the jump to.

Either a HD HD 7970 or GTX 680?

I Currently use Crossfire HD6870's (1gb) and i need a better frame buffer.
Currently only have a 1080p 24" monitor, but eyefinity/NV surround a possibility in the future.

Any suggestions? and also which brands are people heading more towards? as my 6870's are XFX, ive never had any issues but alot of people dont seem to like them

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  1. Why do you need more frame buffer for a single 1080p monitor?

    You should be able to make your own choice by reading the review.,3161.html
  2. Because im looking into multiple screens atm and also for games i.e BF3 to have MSAA on you need a bigger frame buffer.

    I was just asking for advice in terms of performance against my crossfire setup or weather its worth waiting a while?
  3. The GTX680 just came out at $499.99, although it is now sold out most places. It outperforms the 7970, so at $550 a 7970 it isn't really a good buy unless they lower it to about $449 or less. The GTX680 supports 4 displays, 1 per output. It would outperform your crossfire setup by quite a bit. I believe with AA turned on at 1080P it performs slightly under a GTX590 or AMD 6990.
  4. yeah ok thanks. here in the uk they still have some stock was thinking more along the line of the evga one? its roughly the same price as the 7970 around £420-£480 either one. I did a reference bench to the TH review of Crysis 2 @ 1920x1080 on ultra DX11 the GTX680 scores 69.7fps and my current crossfire setup manages 57.8fps, a 20.59% boost from a single card... impressive.
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