PSU Problems

OK Heres it in a basic form

Old PSU 250WATTS + HD5450 GCard = Everything works ok i can use the card no problems.

New PSU 500WATTS + HD5450 GCard = Nothing on screen but the system starts up, have to plug into the onboard Gcard to get a screen.

With the New PSU the HD5450 dosnt show up in the divice list.

According to CPUID all the Volts are correct.

I have reset CMOS/BIOS and have looked through the bios to check if theres a power option but nish.

*Could the power supply be faulty
*Could the Mobo be unable to take the new PSU
*Am i missing something

The system is on a MRS600M Mobo But according to the mobo itself it has MS7326 printed on it.

Its a ACER stock mobo.

The strange thing is the 250watt psu should be able to run the system but it dose.

The new psu is a High Power Plus 500 model.

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  1. Have you hooked up the graphics card power connector to the PSU?
  2. There's no pins on the graphics card I've checked
  3. Did you disable the onboard graphics in the BIOS and set video to PCIe.
  4. Not much of a PSU 'upgrade.'
  5. The bios is setup for pci-e first
  6. I suspect your new psu is faulty.

    I would return it and buy a known good quality brand such as Seasonic, XFX, Corsair, Antec, or PC P&C.
    Here is one tiered psu list for reference:
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