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Best dual/quad core AM2/AM2+ cpu under 30 dollars?

Im on an extreme budget and want to upgrade my sempron le 1250 (which plays Crysis 2 and Mw3 at full speed with 2.75ghz oc!!!) I was thinking about a Anthlon 64 X2 4200+ any other ideas? I do have an Q9300 with 4gb 1066 ram if you know a good mobo for that price...

700w psu
500gb Seagate
320gb WD
2x2gb DDR2 800
Severely Bottlenecked GTX 460 SE oc :pfff:

Stuff lying around:
2x2gb ocz platinum 1066
Evga 9800gt
2x1gb ddr2 800
OLD Atx tower
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  1. Good luck finding one, the least they cost now days that isn't 125 or 140w is around $50. A 9350E is a 2ghz 65w quad, the E models are also very close clock per clock performance to a Phenom 2. As for overclocking them they require a good solid board that can handle the high base clock. I got a 8250e tri core in my am2+ build and I got up to 2.7ghz out of it rock solid. The other way is to get a 9950 BE but look for the 125w model, stock clocked at 2.6ghz. I like the E models because they are low voltage models and run very cool. The highest E model quad is a 9450E and the second best is a 9350E.
  2. Just go on ebay, there are plenty of Athlon 64 X2s under $30.

    I wouldn't get the one you posted because the heatspreader looks a little beat up and scratched.
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    Looks like your in luck because Newegg decided to unleash all of it's old socket 939 and AM2 CPUs. Check this out, best deal I've seen:
  4. Thanks 4 all the help you guys im gettin the brisbane!!
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