Diablo 3 on AMD M880G w/ ATI Mob. Radeon HD 4200

My desktop is a dinosaur. Been gaming on my HP laptop for the past year (WOW, Call of Duty4).

Not sure if I will be able to play Diablo 3 with the GPU setup on my laptop or not. Trying to figure things out before the May 15th release.

Appreciate any info!

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  1. Most likely yes, on lowered settings. Blizzard goes for a mass audience, which means their games need to be able to scale for a wide range of hardware. The settings you need in order to get acceptable performance, and/or the performance you get on the settings you'd prefer, will provide guidance as to how much of an upgrade you'll want.
  2. If you did not had an issue with wwo you should not have issue with d3...however playing games at low is more than pain get new laptop with designated graphics like nvidia 560m they go for around $800...
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