PSU 6870 crossfire!

Can i run the 6870 crossfire with a sentey golden steel power 650w this psu has 80plus gold
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  1. Should be fine. 54A on the 12V is decent.

    Never heard of the brand before though, don't know how the quality is but 80+ Gold Certified efficiency is a good sign.
  2. so its work fine? what happens if i do a little overclock?
  3. Again, no worries. If it's a good 650W unit (12V*54A=648W) you could even crossfire your 6870s on it.

    Although I guess you might want to try to find a proper PSU review on it where they do full load stress to see what the real performance is. Most PSUs simply can't put all their rated wattage on a single 12V; it is spread out between 12V, 3.3V, and 5V.
  4. Don't worry about your PSU it is a nice one and it rates up there with the best of them in case if you wanted to know. Also I agree with what was stated above. You don't have any worries. Have fun.
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