Looking to upgrade an ATI FireGL V5600 - need some help please

Evening all

as the title says I am looking to upgrade/replace my ATI FireGL V5600 GPU , I currently use it just for general home P.C use and MMO gaming (including the upcoming release of Diablo 3)

I know its not a gaming card however I acquired it free of charge a few years ago and was more than good enough at the time.

I have seen :




I was wondering if anyone had some useful advice, I am an I.T consultant which specialises in Enterprise level SAN's and Virtual server infrastructures and am slightly embarrassed that I have never ever purchased a gaming GPU !

as you can tell I don't want to spend much really, if I am barking up the wrong tree please let me know !

Thanks in advance
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  1. ok, we need some info.
    -desired quality (high,med,.low,etc)

    the 6670 is a low end card. it will play mmos and diablo but only at med-low.
  2. ok,

    Budget is £50 -£60 at a push

    Edit * 1920x1080

    Desired quality is basically better than the current firegl card - which runs WoW pretty well, approx 30-40 fps in a city/battleground and 50 - 60 fps while questing, its just getting old now and noisy and struggles with SWTOR (as does most things to be fair!)

    its a dell optiplex 960 mini tower with an Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 @ 2.93Ghz 8gb Ram.

    thanks again
  3. a 6670 should be significantly better than that firegl card.
    I wouldn't go with a 6570 for gaming, it's 1920x1080 performance would be lacking, though still better than your old one.

    The 6670 you linked should be fine.
  4. thanks very much for the advice slicedtoad, one last thing , what about:


    would this be a slight improvement over the 6670?

    thanks again
  5. a gt440 with gddr5 memory could be considered slightly better. That one has gddr3, so no, it's worse.

    I just found this.
    That's one of the best deals i've seen on uk/Europe sites.

    The 6670 is a rebranded 5670 with gddr3 memory. The 5670 is discontinued but you can still find some here and there.
    That one has a full 1gb of gddr5 and will perform better than any of the others linked. If you don't mind ebay it's your best bet.

    edit: also, is yours a 305W or 255W psu? that optiplex seems to come either way.
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