Average retail life for video cards?

Since I will be doing a Crossfire setup sometime in the near future, I was wondering what the average lifespan of graphics cards on stock shelves are? I've got a Gigabyte GV-R695OC-1GD (Radeon 6950 1GB), and am planning to Xfire this with the same card in about 3-4 months (its one of the better price/performance ratio cards on the market).

Whats the average retail life of most graphics cards (considering I have a 6950 I'll assume that its power/popularity etc can be taken into acct as well)?
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  1. I think the 6000 series are getting phased out with the 7000 series out, and just a quick look on Newegg showed 2 cards but both were sold out. If you want to crossfire it, you might want to get it now as 3-4 months down the road it'll be even harder.
  2. I purchased mine 2 weeks ago from CanadaComputers (retail chain), which went on sale for $239.00, and then back to its original 269.99. I'll assume with their current stock levels and revert to regular price they may carry it for some time? Only two were purchased from that store since the sale began, one being mine.

    Edit: I'm assuming this would be true if they in fact do not sell them quickly enough, but are you certain that they are being phased out ASAP?
  3. They are for sure aren't being produced anymore, however, I'm sure some stores like where you bought them from still have supply. However, once they realize the 7850 is 250$ they will drop the 6950 down to probably 239 again.
  4. As long as the card maker will continue to make it the e-tailers and retailers will stock it. I'm pretty sure that the 6950 will be around for a few years still. You can still get cards that are 5 to 6 years old.
  5. That's the thing, since the 6950 is one of the better bang for your buck consumer graphics solutions out there, I was wondering if it would "exclusively" stay on the market significantly longer than, lets say, the 6970 or 6990 (considering production costs do not greatly decrease).
  6. Some cards stay around a while, some dont. There are crappy 8400gs for sale by a dozen manufacturers on every website, but you dont see ant 8600gts. Same with gforce210's, they're everywhere, but when's the last time you saw a 260. The more popular a card is, the quicker it will be gone once they are out of production. You notice it's the poor performing cards that hang in there forever..noone buys them
  7. The 6950 supply in the US has dried up very rapidly. There's only one left on newegg and its going for $300 bucks with stock clocks because there aren't anymore. AMD is not making the chips. its not up to card manufacturers. And everyone who had one and wanted to crossfire snapped them up. Don't expect to buy one new in a few month's.

    Quite frankly you should have bought a 7850 if you ever had any desire to crossfire, especially buying 2 weeks ago. If at all possible I'd return it, although I doubt they'll let you.
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