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I am looking to upgrade my cpu. Currently I have a q6600 overclocked to 3ghz but its starting to get overloaded quickly when I play games like battlefield 3. So should I get an ivy bridge i5 or i7. Does an i7 provide enough of an advantage to warrant the extra $100. Money isnt too much of an issue but I hate wasting it when I don't have to. Any insight is appreciated
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  1. The difference that matters most between an i5 and an i7 is that a i7 has hyper threading, while the i5 does not. Hyper threading is not really necessary when gaming, but if you are looking at doing some heavy rendering or 3D Design, then the i7 is the way to go. I would personally recommend the new i5-3570K. If you still want to go with an i7, get the i7-3770K.
  2. ganoly3 said it all, but if your main usage is game, then an i7 is overkill.
  3. i5
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